Sajsana, located in the old seminary next to the new cathedral could be a fine dining, boutique restaurant in any big city.  The atmosphere and décor are clean and sleek with a few, well thought out architectural features from the past.   The service is attentive without being smothering.  They offer outdoor seating on their balcony that overlooks a large courtyard.  Sajsana offers not only full bar service but also an upscale trendy bar that you can sit at to enjoy a cocktail and appetizer.  The food and the presentation are well thought out.  Their specialty soup is a combination of three Ecuadorian soups served in a triple bowl. If you are trying for the first time, try their Ecuadorian ceviche.  It is quite beautiful with a wonderful presentation.  If you are a ceviche lover, be aware that this one is orange juice and tomato based.  While there, make sure you take the circle staircase to the roof for a unique view of the domes.

Sajsana Restaurante

Address:Benigno Malo across from Parque Calderon, in the courtyard of the building (Seminario) next to the new Cathedral
Phone: (07) 403-6728
Hours: Mon-Wed: 12-10pm, Thu-Sat: 12-11pm, Sun: 12-5pm

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