The Santa Canela Bar and Restaurant is a fabulous new restaurant that opened in El Centro. The owner Freddy did a beautiful job on restoring this old building.  The building is quite large and contains a hostel, restaurant, and bar. There are multiple levels of seating both indoors and outdoors. The main dining room and bar are marvelously decorated. There is a full bar with all of the offerings displayed on the back wall.  What stood out to me was the many American brands he has. The menu is simple offering hamburgers, salads, wings and Mexican fare.  He also has specials he will tell you about.  Our party of 4 had 3 Mexican dishes and a special. Everyone loved the food. It tasted so good with the Mexican dishes having just the right amount of hotness to the salsa thanks to the owner asking us how we liked it up front. The owner Freddy was gracious, speaks English and told us quite a bit about the building and food. He has lots of future plans like offering special dinners such as crab, cuy and lamb. This is definitely one of our go back to restaurants because the food was just so good and priced well. You need to give this restaurant a try, you won’t regret it.

Santa Canela

Hours: Tues-Sat – 10am-9:30pm
Address: Calle Larga 3-82 at Vargas Machuca
Phone: 099 726 9237

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